The FuelEd Fellowship

While serving as the Community Engagement Director, I designed and directed the inaugural FuelEd Fellowship – a year-long Fellowship Program for Early Childhood Educators, the first and only of its kind in the nation. Below are photos from November 2021 during the multi-day in person fellows retreat in Houston, Texas.

I am holy. You are holy. Workshop

I am holy. You are holy. was a workshop designed and delivered by myself and my co-creator, Hali Hoyt. Delivered in February of 2020 at CRAFT in Austin, Texas, the event facilitated an agnostic exploration of spirituality, religion and ethics through self reflection and story-sharing. Through storytelling and community-informed artwork, a group of eight participants explored spirituality, religion and ethics through self reflection and story-sharing.

Alternative Breaks

As an extension of my work with the Longhorn Center for Community Engagement, I led an Alternative Breaks trip in March 2017 in Austin, TX. 10 University of Texas at Austin students learned and immersed themselves in social issues taking place in East Austin over spring break and created documentary-style videos about a community member whose experience highlighted issues happening in Austin. Through the power of digital storytelling, that Spring’s Alternative Breaks Austin program spotlighted minority voices and recognized for their role in the history and future of Austin.

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